Belgium Linen


For centuries flax has been grown and transformed into linen throughout Belgium. The unique climate and the expertise of the Belgian artisans, explains the superior quality of their linen.

Linen has a unique combination of properties; lasting durability, unrivalled comfort and rich color absorption. The more it is used, the more beautifully it ages and gets a unique patine. It is highly absorbent, lint-free and non allergenic.

Flax is inherently ecological as it requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment. Every part of the plant has value, eliminating any waste. Flax is biodegradable and is now commonly recycled. No other fiber can offer this unique blend of a truly natural product, with elegance and amazing comfort. It is the most natural and environment-friendly choice for dressing oneself and one's home.

By choosing Belgian Linen™, you choose for products manufactured with pride, from renowned companies. All have a long tradition (many are more than 100 years old) and a reputation of quality and service. Their manufacturing is extremely performant and respectful of high social and environmental standards.

By choosing Belgian Linen™, you choose for the finest Linen in the world.