Eco-responsible – Natural - Ecologic

The flax break up crop is renewed in rotation only every 6 to 7 years. The plant lasts this long because it produces an optimal soil quality, thereby increasing  returns of the following crop. Flax easily adapts to all types of soil and is appreciated by organic growers since it leaves an excellent quality, weed-free soil at the end of each season. 
Flax protects the soil and water resources : it needs 0 irrigation (rain water is enough to grow it) .
The linen culture is certified without synthetic products (no fertilizers, no herbicides, no fungicides and no regulators are prohibited), which ensures a complete absence of residues of these products in the fiber and the soil after harvesting.
1 hectare of flax retains 3,7 tons of CO2


If Tomorrow, all French People bought a Linen shirt instead of a cotton one, the savings would be equivalent to the amount of water drank by the population of Paris in a year !


A Breath of Air for the planet

Every year, The growing of flax in Europe results in the capture of

250.000 tons of CO2.


Equivalent to the CO2 Emissions generated by a Renault Clio car driving

around the World 62.000 Times.