Local source

Flax is grown in a wide coastal band of Western Europe stretching from the South of Normandy in Northern France through Belgium and the Netherlands. The only plant textile fiber originating on the continent, European linen cultivation cannot be relocated, its excellence is thanks to a unique combination : a natural, damp ocean climate, flax’s low thermal density, a rich soil and the experience of flax growers.
In the 19th century the flax industry developed around the Leie and has put the region of South-West Flanders on the map. It changed the landscape dramatically and brought the region to an unprecedented prosperity. It is very clear how much the flax has contributed to the historical identity of South-West Flanders.
Today Nelen & Delbeke is proud that all the fabrics from our collection are woven in our weaving mill, based at Kruishoutem. We’re convinced that this contributes to the high quality and service we can offer.