Warping is an essential preparatory step in the weaving production process. It is a highly skilled and labour-intensive undertaking that involves transferring raw linen yarn from a predetermined number of bobbins or cones onto a weaver’s beam.

The beam is a large drum of yarn that is fitted to the loom to feed the lengthwise warp yarns. High quality warping maintains equal yarn spacing and tension control, preserving yarn elongation and strength, to achieve optimal weaving performance.


In Nelen & Delbeke’s weaving park of 30 looms (dobbys & Jacquards), our highly trained and professional production team work tirelessly to deliver weaving efficiency and excellence. It’s here that the width-wise weft yarns add colour and texture to the length-wise warp yarns, producing textiles with endless design possibilities.

Constant investment ensures that our loom facility in Kruisem remains at the forefront with high-tech equipment for diverse applications. All this to better serve our customers who expect and deserve the highest standards of innovation and quality available on the market.