Comfortable, plant-based, renewable, local, creative, innovative, bio-sourced and sustainable



Sustainable linen: the world’s oldest fabric is also the freshest, most eco-friendly and progressive material. Bio-sourced and innovative, linen is a durable and versatile fabric for both fashion and interiors. Linen’s raw material flax, through its unique characteristics, combines contemporary concepts that appeal to consumers: comfort and naturalness from a local and renewable resource, and technical innovation from a plant-based, sustainably produced fibre – an attractive force recognised by leading retailers and brands.

A long-standing leader of slow fashion and eco-design in each of its markets – fashion, home, lifestyle and composites (such as high-performance technical materials for use in the sport & leisure, product design and building sectors) – linen delivers on all fronts in a changing world. That’s why Nelen & Delbeke are proud to weave linen, the world’s oldest fabric that stands apart from fleeting trends and is synonymous with traceability, expertise and sustainability.

The 15 essential characteristics of European Flax

Simple and natural, flax is a plant that respects the environment, embodying values that are firmly rooted in our daily lives.

CSR Textile Technical
Local and traceable Breathable Light & rigid
Zero waste Thermoregulation Solid & resistant
Biodegradable Moisture management Phonic insulation
Renewable Dye affinity Thermal insulation
Preserves water and soil Easy-care Shock absorption