Belgian Linen™

Belgian Linen™ is a quality label for authentic, Belgian-made linen fabric. It recognises products that are manufactured with pride by companies with a long tradition and a reputation for quality and service. The trademark is a guarantee that flax, which is inherently ecological, has been transformed into a superior-quality linen while respecting high social and environmental standards.

Belgian Linen™ weavers are now offering the possibility to their customers to obtain a license for using the Belgian Linen™ label and can provide a certificate of origin with the fabrics they supply. This is a guarantee that the fabrics/trimmings you are buying have been woven in Belgium and contain at least 85% of EU-flax fibres. It is the ultimate proof of quality.

Nelen & Delbeke is honoured to be a member of the Belgian Linen & Flax Association and we are proud to display the Belgian Linen™ quality label on so many of our fabrics.For more information contact the Belgian Linen™ Weavers.