Job description

At Nelen & Delbeke we are looking for a graphic textile designer with experience. This person ensures that a development, idea, drawing based on trends or at the request of the customer is converted via NedGraphics (Texcelle) into a readable form for the looms. With a sense of colour and design, we proactively think along in the design and creation of new collections.

Your tasks

  • Create a design in Texcelle (NedGraphics)

    Determine all parameters: Number // per cm, number == per
    cm, yarns, possibly the bindings that will be used to determine the size of the
    design, so that it is a multiple of the bindings. 

  • Add warp/weft to design

  • Create map drawing in Product Creator

    • Add bindings: from the design, the selvedge, the twister

    • Add loom

    • Possibly improve the map drawing with floats

    • Writing map drawings on floppy/USB

    • Create a simulation

    • Open Simulation in TrueColoring

  • Optionally create weave constructions in Weave Creator

  • True Coloring

    • Create different colorways

    • Exporting the colorways

  • Open simulations in Texcelle and prepare them to send via email

  • Sample follow-up: create sample sheets

  • Adjust selvedges

  • Put the design on stick/floppy

  • Adding designs to the textile range (WarpDrive)


  • The candidate has a strong knowledge in textile design, constructions and production process.

  • Feeling and knowledge of colours, design and fashion.

  • Proactive and out-of-the-box thinking, creative and innovative

  • Team player

  • Structured work

  • Attention to detail

  • Region West Flanders

  • Full time (4/5 option)


  • Bachelor’s degree in textile design.

  • Min 3 years of experience in a similar position. Experience working with computer-aided design (CAD), Nedgraphics (Texcelle), Product Creator, Weave Creator, excel.

  • Languages: NL (eng – fr an extra).

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