Job description

You weave high-end upholstery and curtain fabrics.
DOBBY’S and JAQUARD machines => Looms Dornier & Sulzer. Flax.
Working in 2-shifts: vf. 05h-13h and vf. 13h-21h.

Your tasks

  • Main goal: first choice weaving = quality weaving.

  • Efficient weaving = visual follow-up of weft and chain breaks;

  • Repairing weft and chain breaks : WEAVER’S KNOTS !!!!

  • Supply coil racks in a timely manner so as not to avoid unnecessary stoppages due to coil change;

  • During weaving, regularly check the undercurrents for weaving errors;

  • Cut off woven pieces and bring them to the INSPECTION MACHINE with trolley;

  • Cut off woven pieces of dobby and bring them to “place woven rolls” with cart;

  • Order and cleanliness during weaving

  • Communication with weaver of the next team.


  • You already have some experience as a weaver.

  • You can express yourself in Dutch.


  • Check the product obtained on the basis of defined characteristics (binding, …)

  • Install the coils or yarns on the machine

  • Record data for production follow-up (quantities, incidents, etc.)

  • Detect and correct wire deviations (double or broken wires, run-out stitch, …)

  • Produce woven fabrics on Jacquard machine

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